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The Regulars

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Quirky, mildly oblivious, and well intentioned. Ben lives the circular routine of bar life, something he both loves and hates. Childhood friend of Remy. 




Cynical & mildly elitist. Likes going to the bar because it’s a place where he can “sit here being better than everyone else.”¬†Childhood friend of Ben.




Captain Calm. Tolerates Ben but has slowly warmed up to him, even if Ben still occasionally pushes his buttons. If patience is a virtue, then Simon is the most virtuous of men.




Casey is an optimist inhabiting a world of depressives. Not always fan of the creeps that inhabit the bar, but she’s been adjusting. Adjusting where she sits.



Freedom America Strike Force

FASF has spent the better part of his life fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. He’s also spent a good portion of that life attending monster truck events.



Larry the Intolerable Lobster

This guy’s an asshole.


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